Major Project

BA Graphic Design third year major project looking into effects of  synthetic clothing on the environment. 

The project idea I decided to investigate was based on environmental damage that is done by using synthetic fabrics.  The topic involved looking at different kinds of synthetic fabrics, understanding their characteristics and how long does it take for them to decompose. As well as considering all the different ways in which fabrics can be reused or recycled. 

This project topic I chosen needed to be produced as a result of global warming. As understanding it would help people realise the damage that is done not only by synthetic materials used in packaging, but also in clothing. Hopefully, in this way raising awareness of what can be done to make contributions for each individual to reduce CO2 emissions. This way helping the environment in the long term, improving quality of life for everyone around.

The outcome of this project gave me great insight into skills of data analysis, and how that information can be addressed visually. The project allowed me to show others my evaluative skills, that focus on different industries than just the ones involving graphic design, however, in the same way providing a chance for graphic design to be presented and used as a great resource for every creative field.

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